I practice as an integrative Psychotherapist and Counsellor, which means I work to combine elements of my training in various theoretic approaches to suit your needs at different stages of the therapeutic relationship.  As each client is unique, so too is each therapy relationship and treatment plan.

In general my work involves person to person counselling and it is my task to provide you with a safe, non-judgmental and confidential space within which you can gain a better understanding of your world space.  Therapy can help you explore, discover, clarify your views and reach a deeper understanding of yourself.  It can help you to reach your goals and work towards resolving emotional or interpersonal difficulties by making meaningful choices to elicit positive change. 

Our work together will begin with an assessment period so that I can get to know how best to assist you as well as giving you an opportunity to feel comfortable in your choice of working with me.  Depending on your needs I may draw upon various theoretical approaches including psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioural, humanistic or existential in order to assist you in your process but fundamentally it is the relationship with you, the client that is central to the work. Find out more about...

In general therapy provides clients with an opportunity for:

  • Exploration: provide clients with a safe, secure, non judgmental and confidential environment enabling them to work through issues and difficulties.
  • Insight: assist clients to develop an understanding of the origins and development of emotional difficulties.
  • Self Awareness: becoming more aware of thoughts and feelings which had been blocked off or denied.
  • Self Acceptance: the development of a positive attitude towards oneself, marked by an ability to acknowledge areas of experience which had been the subject of self criticism and rejection.
  • Enlightenment: assisting the client to arrive at a deeper understanding.
  • Problem Solving: working together on finding solutions to specific problems, which the client had not been able to resolve alone.


Any information given by clients in counselling and psychotherapy sessions will be kept entirely confidential.  I adhere to the standards and ethics of my professional association, BACP, in these matters.  The only circumstances where I would be obliged to break confidentiality would be if you have indicated that there is risk of harm to yourself or others.  I would then be required to seek advice and guidance from other professionals.  I would of course discuss this with you beforehand should this be the case.